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Journey to the Ren Fair.

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Jan. 22nd, 2009 | 09:46 pm
mood: hopefulhopeful
posted by: fey_struck in druidry

So A bit of an update...I have started making my dress today but I fear that it might all be in vain. I honestly want to go to the FLaRF. I need to make friends and not feel like I am alone in this word. Long story short guys I am 27 years old and I have been moving all around the south ever since my (No Drama) divorce some years back. Thought I was settling down in Ft. Lauderdale when (Due to the room mate and the Boy Friend loosing jobs) we lost the apartment back in November. Room mate moves back home out west someplace, My boyfriend moved to VA to love with his family, and I am in Ormond living with my grandmother. I have had very little social life for years and not that I am living with her I have no social life what so ever...Please I want to make some new friends...It looks as if my one friend in Orlando is not going to make it down :( I can take a bus to Ft. Lauderdale but I still need to find someone willing share a room or tent with. I am a very easy going girl and I don't care to help out (So long as no sexual favors are asked.) So what do you say? Can anyone help me?

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