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Jan. 17th, 2010 | 09:12 pm
posted by: lucy_chronicles in druidry

It seems appropriate to discuss the movie Avatar given the nature of goddess worship, one-ness of nature and spirits depicted in the movie along with various community and other themes.

Frankly, I was preparing myself to be disappointed having read briefly a few newspaper reviews. Instead, I was blown away by the depictions, thought and history that was taken into account writing the screenplay alone. It is obvious James Cameron (writer, director et al.) studied Joseph Campbell's "Power of Myth" and anthropology along with history while creating this gorgeous work of visual art. Yes, other things could have been done differently but WOW, this is a HUGE commercial, massive work bringing so many different concepts and contexts to the world masses. How other to do it beyond in a Sci-Fi or some kind of Fantasy work? It certainly wouldn't receive the recognition sadly, if transmitted via other channels from history to documentary, biography to even science.

Basic question - why the hell isn't anybody talking about it/this, this way in the spiritual realm? Is it just another grave omission of the media purposely ignoring major stories? All i'm seeing in the mainstream media is the discussion of how much money it is making, ($1.6B current worldwide count) people becoming depressed and getting headaches due to the 3D effects and of course, a brief mention in my political blogs (not in the MSM) about the obvious parallels of the USA in multiple foreign wars. (Ask the Iraqi's if they still want us there and most of Afghanistan, Pakistan and even Japan now who is trying to force the US military bases to close getting off it's native land!)

So for anyone who has seen the film - thoughts/opinions/likes/dislikes? intelligent discussion preferred please. My only concern is that the goddess was depicted as ONE god = monotheist. There were spirits but only one god.

Bonus points that it/she was at least female. Yahoo Gaia! ;-)

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from: paganpaul
date: Jan. 18th, 2010 08:33 am (UTC)

I have seen the movie 3 times now, and I am seriously impressed. It touched me on many levels. The way Pandora's nature was depicted is fabulous. The connection of the Na'vi to nature is heart-warming. And the way Jake's view of them changed as he got to know them is so real.

I don't see where Eiwah is only one Goddess, though; for me she (and yes, hooray for that) is the embodiment of all of nature.

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from: ferada
date: Jan. 18th, 2010 08:49 am (UTC)

I haven't seen it yet, but I had heard that the depression was because the characters of Avatar had such a harmonious life with nature, but then the movie ends and people have to go back to their life in the real world where most people don't live in harmony with nature. I see this as an opportunity for us nature-oriented folks to speak up and let people know it is possible, even in this day and age, to live close to nature.

I can't wait to see it though! Gutted I didn't get to see it in the cinema.

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In one word...

from: ratzalin
date: Jan. 18th, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)

Awesome... I will not lie. I dl'ed it and watched it here at home. I am going to theaters to see it... In 3-D.... The first meeting of Jake with one of the Na'vi, (A fairy in Nintendo's The Ocarina of Time was named this.) was rather nicely done. She does shun him at first. But the reason the movie appealed to me so much was that it was Hollywood magic. I'm a big fantasy buff. I also love to game, PC wise... And to see Jake get up in his avatar body was awesome... To those who have not seen it, I'd suggest doing so. To those who have, I hope you were as pleased with it as I. Peace people...

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(no subject)

from: qorinda
date: Jan. 18th, 2010 09:33 pm (UTC)

I LOVED this movie, and I will own it, as soon as it comes out on DVD.

Yes, it had all of the best elements of Joseph Campbell's hero myth, and all of the best elements of what would appeal to the masses of this time - the sci-fi element, the fantasy, etc. Excellently done. I totally agree with what you are saying. It was HIGHLY spiritual, and had many layers of messages for our time, especially in regards to what we are doing to the earth.

I know they aren't talking about it that way, but it's okay. The masses get taken in by the special effects, but the messages are still getting into the subconscious minds of everyone who sees the movie. People love it and they don't even know WHY they love it.... That's why it's such a big box office hit!

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from: skiegazer
date: Jan. 18th, 2010 10:35 pm (UTC)

Carl McColman at the Website of Unknowing wrote a review of the film's spiritual themes that, although from a Christian perspective, was surprisingly enthusiastic and full of praise for the movie; I wrote my own response, taking issue with some of his monotheistic/Christian assumptions and biases, on my own blog.

I was less than thrilled by the movie, in part because I think it's a dumbed-down and wishy-washy version of authentic native/indigenous spiritualities, but I have to admit that it packs a powerful punch and is at least a step in the right direction of waking people up to the possibility of connecting to the Earth in a spiritually meaningful way. My deepest regret is that the film was produced and marketed in a way so utterly contrary to and undermining of its central theme of spiritual interconnection with the living Earth. I mean, you can't get much more Corporate-Earth-Raping-Monster than McDonalds, who was one of their major cross-marketing allies. Plus, the theme of technology in a "savior" role seems much more clearly emphasized than any themes of earth-centered spirituality or pantheism, which also leaves me a little wary. But yet, a gorgeous movie, in the end.

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from: disorderly_mind
date: Jan. 19th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)

Loved it, loved it, loved it.

But as for the spiritual discussions, The Wild Hunt has been posting about that banter at least once every couple of days.

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