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druidry's Journal

The Druidry Community
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IMPORTANT: If you have a new LJ account, or fewer than 20 public posts in a language one of the maintainers can understand, your membership request will be denied unless you contact the moderators.

The maintainers can be contacted by emailing Blackfyr

This community was created to provide a place for those following the path of Druidry to meet and communicate. This is an area in which to share the products of the Awen, to ask questions, and to just connect with others on the path.

Members are asked to keep in mind the following --
    The theme of this community encompasses druidic beliefs and practices. Between historical topics and reconstructionalist movements, that's a lot of material. Discussions which depart from this basic idea should be minimized.

    Respect for self and others should be demonstrated at all times. With this in mind, not to mention the staggering number of words in the English language, there should be no reason to resort to foul language. Flame wars do not even deserve mention (or the time it takes your moderator to read and delete them, participants will be politely warned once before removal).

In an effort to serve the members of this community, we're building a list of links to
relevant websites. Link submissions are always welcome; notification of broken
or otherwise unnecessary links would also be a great help.

The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids
Ár nDraíocht Féin
The Druid Network
Celts Against Oppression, Racism and Neo-Nazism
Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism
The Fuild Druid Network
Project X-13
The British Druid Order
Celtic Druidism
Reconstructionists against RUST
Spiral Spirit
Pagan Supply
Druid Camp
The Henge of Keltria